Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lexi/Family Pics

Time is flying by once again for 2010! Lexi is going to be turning 3 years old January 25th and I just can't believe it!

We just got the chance to get pictures done by Amy Doerring in Newton and Lexi did a good job but hates to take pictures :)) but will pose for us anytime at home :))

Here are the proofs that we get to choose from!

click on client
password is lexid

We are all moved in and need pictures for our new walls! If you love one please let me know as I am having a VERY hard time picking the top 3 that I like for our gallery wall :))))

More postings to come just wanted to share and say hi !!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Time is flying by when you are having fun!

WOW!! It's already October 1st and feels like we didn't even have a summer. We have been so busy with getting the house organized and things how we want it but even with a new house there is TONS to do! Lexi is in love with her new room as I am in love with my bath tub :)) Rick loves that he can finally play his xbox again with no distractions!

September 25th we had Nicole and Joe's wedding and it was a very cold and rainy day but turned into a beautiful day and everyone looked amazing!! Lexi had so much fun dancing the night away at the reception but then ended up going home with Nani and passed out.

I have been very busy doing Just Fabulous Darling parties and having so much fun doing them! I also started with Beachbody as a coach and have been helping people lose weight and get back into shape. I started Shakeology and it has been amazing for me. I feel like a new person and its just helped me overall with everything from more energy to digestive and even lost weight.

We are off to KC tomorrow for Lorraine's 85th bday party in KC and get to spend time with Ricks family as it was a little crazy when they came to our house as we just moved in. We plan on doing family pictures and then dinner and maybe visiting a pumpkin patch while we are there.

Be back soon as I have this on my list to do weekly now- lets see if I can do it!!

Love you all

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Dart Home- Established in 2010!

Well its almost here-- MOVE IN WEEK!! This has been a very VERY long 9 months of waiting to finally see the finished product of our brand new home. The time is now here and we are just waiting to get the call to see where and what time we sign our life away and get the keys to move our stuff in. We have been living with my parents for 7 months now and it has been the hardest thing ever on everyone. My husband has been such a trooper as well as my mom and dad. My mom has taken care of us like we were her own and we were young again, she feeds us, does our laundry and makes sure we have everything we need. She is absolutely the mom I will want to be to all my children! Thank you to my parents both!!!

I will have more pictures to come for you to view and yes its been FOREVER since I have blogged but I am ready then ever to start again. Please stay tuned!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WOW where did this year go!!!!

So sorry haven't had any time to catch everyone up! It's been crazy since our Colorado vacation. Lexi in one night has began speaking in sentences and its amazing on how much I understand what she actually wants now :)))) She even comes and tells us when she Poo's.....LOL we have to actually work on the getting to the big girl potty first! We have been traveling back to Baxter a lot to see family and got to meet some friends at the Iowa State Fair for a day. Lexi loved all the animals and the kids that she got to see dance.

This last weekend we went to the children's museum for the first time here in Omaha and she LOVED it!!! We got to make a doll with clothes, face paint, grocery shopping with her own little tiny cart and fake grocheries...she was having a hay day!!!! I will have to upload some pics soon. She is now on the go so now I gotta go.....be back soon to update more!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our first family trip to Estes Park and Steamboat Springs, CO

It was our first family trip to Colorado and it was an amazing time. We drove and it only took us 8 hours to get to Estes Park, the way into Estes was absolutely amazing!!!! We had to open the jeeps slider roof to get the full effect of the mountains---Lexi kept starring out the window and kept repeating "WOW." Thanks to Ricks parents who let us have such an amazing trip there, we stayed at their timeshare and it was to die for! Well the first night we had to stay in the Roadway Inn, which really wasn't as fun as Rick found some dog poo on the floor by the bed---the desk said "oh are you sure its not an oreo---we have a lot of problems with those"....LOL are you kidding well let us go get it as we saved it for you with the grass sticking it out of it and all!!!! Thank goodness we only stayed one night and they only took $20 off the room which was horrible! The next night we stayed in the timeshare and when we opened the door it was like Extreme Makeover, we all went OOOHHHHH---AHHHHHHHHHHH it was breathtaking. We had 3 huge bedrooms all with our own bathroom and a great living and kitchen area. The best was the jacuzzi on the deck overlooking the beautiful mountains of Estes Park!!! After seeing real life elks we were on to Steamboat to meet Jenni and Shane and Gunner----Needless to say nobody was happy with Ricks mom and I as we are scared of heights and didn't want to go up to the top of Rocky Mountain so we took a little detour well okay a LONG detour....we ended up driving 5hrs and it really only would of taken us like 3hrs to get there...OOPS....I just don't like heights and thank god Ricks mom was on my side so I didn't have a full on panic attack :))))We enjoyed ourselves in Steamboat and the last night we got to have a little alone time with Jenny and Shane and enjoyed some amazing sushi and a wonderful chocolate martini----Thanks to the Emary and Halter family for an amazing first family trip. Love you guys!!!

Passport to the Cure-ACS Event-Aug 7th

Well the big event is finally over and was so much fun!! Now the anxiety is over! I can't tell you how wierd it felt to be painted and then to stand there like a sculpture in front of people:))))
I was breast cancer, then we had skin cancer, blood, ovarian and lung cancer. They dedicated mine to my sister Lynn who has breast cancer and is fighting it for the 3rd time in 6 years! They did an amazing story on her and I was very touched by the woman who came up to me and took pics with me! My friend Ashley dedicated ovarian cancer for our lovely friend Natalie who passed away with Ovarian Cancer this year. I worked with these girls at Von Maur when I first moved to Omaha. It took me over 1 and 1/2 hrs to get the paint off me and my shower was a mess afterwards. Lexi was a little scared of mommy when she came home as I looked like a super hero :)))) The weekend was very busy for us, my mom and Maria came into town and we enjoyed the company and had so much fun. Although I had to leave for a girls night in KC at the Power and Light District and it was a blast!!!! Daddy went to a bachlor party for a friend so Lexi got to spend a little time with Anthony and Melanie as they need practice for their little baby boy coming on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for everyone for a fabulous weekend of memories!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family pics are done!!!!

Go to the link below and click on "client and then our password is dartfamily!
now the hard part what to order---
She did an amazing job if anyone needs a great photographer let me know--
thanks to Jenni who referred me to her ;))))))

Here are some of our family pics on Heidi's blog that she posted!
She is an amazing photographer and we had so much fun with her!

Lexi is getting so big and makes me cry to see these pics--she is 18months already


More pictures to come next week!!

We are off to Colorado on Saturday to Estes Park and Steamboat Springs so the Dart Family is very busy!!!